Getting Started

iSee is the extremely simple, extraordinarily engaging way to hold numerous online meetings with the possibility of vast numbers of attendees. Start a meeting and share content easily.

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    Download and install iSee

    Use the download button to install the latest version of iSee for your computer. Save the iSee installer to your computer and launch it. Once installed you can login with your iSee username and password or meeting ID.

    If you don’t have an iSee account or meeting ID please contact us or create an account. ( Note, you will not be able to join a iSee session until you contact a iSee administrator).

    Download iSee

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    Join and host meetings

    There are two ways to join a meeting. A: Enter your iSee user ID and password OR B: enter with a meeting ID. 

    Join a meeting from your desktop launch or email invite. 

    Simply launch iSee from your desktop, if you’re a registered user login with your username and password.  If you aren’t registered you’ll need a Host to send you an invite to connect using a meeting ID.  

    Use iSee Manager to send private and public invites.  Private invites are emailed to registered users and public invites generate links for both registered and non-registered users who can connect by using a meeting ID.

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    Check your audio and video setup

    After login use the iSee Audio and Video Configuration window to select the correct microphone and video device.  Use the test buttons to check they’re configured properly. 

    Note: If the audio playback device is not the correct one on your computer you will need to quit iSee and make your preferred audio playback device the system default.

    All you need to get started is a Mac or Windows computer, webcam for video, a microphone and preferably, a quality headset to get the full iSee natural experience of meeting in the cloud.


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    Now you are in iSee, follow these instructions on how to move around, talk to people and share content.  iSee is intuitive but press the ‘H’ key for the help menu.  

    Right click on walls and floors to reveal additional menus. Create and share content on the walls using the right hand click menu on the wall. Add tables to your spaces and help people form groups with auto arrange by using the right hand click menu on the floor. 

Make your next meeting or online class a real life meeting in the cloud using iSee Try iSee