Key features of iSee

iSee merges three key technologies to deliver the most natural crowd collaboration spaces in the cloud


3D Spaces

A whole new dimension of possibilities. 

  • Naturally in the cloud

    Move, explore and interact in the cloud. 

  • Choose your space

    Choose from a existing space, or a custom 3D experience.

  • Brand your space

    Add 3D objects and images to brand your space as your own.

  • Endless possibilty

    Create as many meeting or learning spaces as you like. 

  • Public Engagement

    Develop galleries, display rooms and immersive customer experience locations.

  • Project rooms

    Create dedicated project rooms that can be accessed at any time from any location.

Natural video and audio

Powering group collaboration like never before with intuitive first person video and audio.

  • Freedom to move

    Guide your mevatar to what you want, when you want.

  • Work in subgroups

    Talk and collaborate just as you do in real life.

  • Intuitive spatial audio

    Naturally transition in and out of conversations by moving your mevatar.

  • Record sessions

    Record everything you see, hear and do in iSee

  • Real crowd meetings

    Capacity for online interactive crowds of more than 50 people.

  • Efficient

    Proprietary codecs provide a breakthrough in bandwith reduction.

Interactive boards

Boards seamlessly blend your content with your spaces how and when you want it. 

  • Interactive boards

    Create boards and upload any supported files e.g. images, powerpoint, word, excel and pdf’s.

  • Persistent boards

    Use the board to manage your cloud storage of documents in project rooms.

  • Live desktops

    Mirror your desktop to a board to collaborate on documents together. 

Make your next meeting or online class a real life meeting in the cloud using iSee Try iSee