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Art galleries are people places, community domains in which to share thought and discussion. However there are many variables which may limit participation, or reduce the level of enjoyment and satisfaction of visitors at these community places including - geographical location, visitor mobility, facility opening hours and socio-economic influences. With funding from the federally funded BEESS program, the Australian Independent Schools approached iSee to develop a community place free from such constraints, as part of the Transforming the Education Digital Supply Chain (TtEDSC) project.


In a ground-breaking project, Australian art students became the first to exhibit their major works in a gallery in the Cloud. By leveraging Cloud technology, iSee brought students together from four states to exhibit and discuss their work, face-to-face in a virtual gallery as close as possible to the real thing. Like any physical gallery, the Cloud gallery featured vast, white walled rooms adorned with art. Gallery visitors were completely immersed in the environment. They could wander throughout, pause to appreciate individual pieces, mingle with the crowd and discuss works with those around them. Point-sensitive hearing meant that despite multiple gallery patrons having multiple conversations, users only heard conversations within earshot, just as in the real world. By mimicking the real world, right down to the experiences of sight and sound, iSee enabled natural and authentic exchanges.


With the ability to break down the access barriers that may limit visitation and engagement at GLAM’s (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums), iSee has already proven its effectiveness in resolving the following:

- Geographical distances

- Visitor mobility

- Public opening hours (the Cloud is always open!)

- Increased relevance and appeal to younger demographics

- Costs (both entry and operational)


“By voiding traditional barriers such as location and socio economic status, iSee levels the playing field, enabling all groups of the population to experience and benefit from community assets and resources.This platform could rapidly revolutionise the delivery of online and distance education in Australia."

- Ian Quartermaine, Manager Transforming the Education Digital Supply Chain (TtEDSC) project, Australian Independent Schools

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