Meeting and mentoring in the Cloud


BlueChilli build, grow and invest in tech start-ups. Their online programs help their startups beat the odds (more than 90% of startups fail) by delivering all the benefits of a startup accelerator program without participants needing to quit their jobs or relocate to a new town.

As technology aficionados, BlueChilli were searching for a savvy solution to enrich their online meeting and collaboration capabilities.


BlueChilli will shortly commence a trial of iSee on their ‘156 Accelerator’ and ‘99toLaunch startup’ programs, offered in person at their Sydney and Melbourne co-working spaces, or online with an advisor.

From within the iSee environment, startup teams will be able to work collaboratively through weekly tasks and experiments and meet face-to-face with their mentors.

Teams will be able to move about their work space, chat with peers, collaborate on shared documents and hold formal meetings around virtual tables as the technology invites them to behave naturally in the Cloud.

Using iSee, BlueChilli will facilitate meetings between mentors and startup teams located around the globe. The only challenge – the time difference!


Anticipated benefits include:

-    Enriched mentoring

-    Enhanced collaboration

-    Reduced travel-related expenses


"We work with startup founders as remote as Calgary, California and of course in most major cities in Australia. We're interested in technology that can help us provide a richer mentoring experience for our startup teams and look forward to working with iSee in the future."

- Alan Jones, Chief Growth Hacker at BlueChilli

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